Munsey Memorial United Methodist Church
Thursday, May 26, 2016
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January Sermon Series'


A sermon series in the Journey by Jason Ratliff
As you turn the calendar page on a new year, there’s a mission for you…should you choose to accept it. 2013 really can be the year you go deeper in your relationship with Christ. The joy in the mission will not only fill your heart, but can extend out all around you and impact the whole world. Think about your favorite movie quest. The Hobbit’s Frodo has his ring. Indiana Jones has his whip. And 007’s James Bond has more gadgets that you can stuff in your garage. For each of our heroes,  the world hangs in the balance, and they’ve been specially called for the mission. And as they embark upon their quest, they have tools crafted for their quest.
Week 1 Week 1 (Jan 6)) – Mission Key: Do No Harm.
Week 2 (Jan 13) - Mission Key: Do Good.
Week 3 (Jan 20) - Mission Key: Stay In Love With God.

A sermon series in the Open Door service with Patty Muse and Tip Brown.
If we could somehow remove the filters from our 21st century, American culture eyes and ears, how differently would we experience Jesus?  What if we could explore the world into which Jesus was born, the Jewish world of Jesus – Jewish thought and first century culture in a hotbed of political and religious turmoil, among the people chosen by God to bear his name to the world?  What would it be like to listen to Jesus’ earth-shattering words through the ears of a first-century disciple?  What would it do to us to not only have faith in Jesus but to develop the faith of Jesus?